I am trying every day

My yesterday sub asked me twice if I enjoy what I do. I don’t know why he was insisting (many think sex workers are unhappy at their job, are forced, and something must have happened like drugs, abuses) I told him I have been doing this 25 years, and I am happier more than any of you who are stuck in a « real » job. If I wouldn’t like it I would not have invested 20 k on my first year and keep putting my money in it for new toys to entertain my subs and pay a high rent downtown just to accommodate you!

I also get « you must not like men« , if I did not like men I wouldn’t surround myself 25 years with testosterone!!! Ask my sub of this Tuesday what he thinks about if I enjoy myself destroying his testosterone and fucking his vagina (hoping my fuck bunny gets to read this to testify) The ones I don’t like are the condescending men (and women) that believe they are better people because of their status, (yes I do get those once in a while) hey you go shit like every one else and will also die!

My special is still on for September

She is special but she is not included in my September special, see contact page for info.

I promise until Oct. 21 st

My life is a fairy tale, yes I meet wonderful people that I do appreciate! But like in any basket of apples, there is always a rotten one, how many times I heard: « I will do things for you » and never delivered (and mostly I have never asked for) but the best is…they disappear after saying it, some may come back 4 years later. 😆 Beside the official announcement day for federal election campaign, my thoughts go for 911 victims & families 🙁

Something to worry about

Sometimes I get emails like this morning asking: « Do I have to worry by bringing a deposit? » I replied: « You think I will ruin my reputation of 25 years for a mere deposit or for any amount? » and mostly emails like this: « is it safe? » Do you think someone is waiting for you and will beat you endlessly ? Never got a reply back. If I had a pig farm this is where you would be with all the others like you! 😆 I’m entitled to my own fantasies! 😈

I’m the one who should be scared!!! I’m 5’5 » 120 lbs and you are probably around 5’11’, 240 lbs. No one comes knocking at my door not announced even if we have met, I will not answer! All by appointments. This never happens, I have respectful subs (I constantly have to reassure my potential subs)

Guide to a prostate orgasm

I start with my finger on your exterior wall to search and tease your orifice, introducing slowly my thumb for your virgin opening and work my way up with small dildo or vibrator as your face glows and ready for a bigger one.


Long weekend

Yes I am around and available for playing! 😈 and my special is still on for September. I have been away for one week and few subs cried so I prolong my special to give them time to come and take advantage of my special. Meanwhile at the ranch…

Months of Lockgust, Chastember, Locktober, Nocumber, and Denycember,

The next 5 months are a celebration of Femdomination sexual submission