eMaîtresse Cathie La Divine, French Dominatrix in Ottawa-Gatineau (Hull), Canada

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Oct.23: 2013: New website is ready, just click here: placedivine.com and enjoy!

Oct. 18: 2013: Maîtresse, I saw your post. I have to clarify, got you a part of an outfit not a full outfit so don't be disappointed it all part of a bigger plan. Can't get it all as I have to piece it together from different outfits to make the whole fetish look. This will be piece number one of several. Make sure you do each category. Now for the rest I will need your measurements. But I made it easy for you to do so you don't have to do any typing as I know Maîtresse is a busy doing other things I don't want to think of... ??

Oct. 17, 2013: Happy thanksgiving my Goddess on this day i have no God to thank but You my Goddess.

Thank You for allowing me to worship You, serve You, submit at Your feet and feeding on You Golden Campagne and tasting Your Brownies!

i still believe that You own me and that makes me the happiest person on earth. hust for being Your worshipper and slave. Yours. s

Oct 15, 2013: Sub d stopped by Friday at his lunch time to bring me two large mirrors, now there isn't a wall without a mirror, every where you look at, you can see yourself in your most vulnerable positions. Mostly enjoyed by my slutty bitch whores. Now I need mirrors on ceillings.

Sub a said he ordered a corset from my Amazon.com wish list, I told him: he wants to make up for all the years he didn't come to see me! I wish every guys who want to come back were all like him but I would not know where to store all my gifts lol It should arrive this week. Corsets are like arts, each one is unique, it's a collector's item! (just like shoes) ;-)

And sub doggy wrote: I'm getting you an Halloween costum which should arrive on time for Halloween. What will it be? Is it already Christmas? ;-)

Oct. 14, 2013: What to be thankful for? I'm thankful to have loyal subs/slaves, sluts, dogs, boy toys, without them I couldn't try out all my whimsies on them! Happy Thanksgiving day! And for our neighbor: Happy Columbus day!

Oct. 11, 2013: I have never been so excited to tell you that My new website will soon be online! Finally it will be up to date! I had to take a crash course of few hours on WordPress.

I could have My new website done by a web bitch, and it will have been ready within a week, but I had to learn WordPress functions so I can make My own pages, modify or add (just like those ones here) without the help of a web bitch, I don't want to rely or wait for a web bitch, so now it's a matter of days you will see it!

Oct. 9, 2013: Getting ready for Hallowen, the only day of the year that I don't disguise! ;-)

Oct. 8, 2013: Cool video with a real Pro-Domme in it!

Oct. 2, 2013: Is Autumn our new Summer? This weather certainly makes people very happy! Guys were smiling and saying hi this last Sunday while I was enjoying cycling tour in Gatineau park, and I wasn't wearing anything provocative, just a plain (not tight) T-shirt with cycling pants, I will blame the weather ;-)




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