Leave Your Hat On

I have received very nice gifts : a hat and 2 body suits, someone doesn’t want me to leave

The Dancing & Singing Bitch

At the beginning of this video, I say “you have to be rich to be a bitch”. Not many people can afford or knows the cost & expenses of all equipment, rent, etc. My play space is not where I live. Yep! I don’t have the singing but I got the groove. 😉

Proud Mary


I slap for real not in my head

and in my head I slapped so manies

Be my Valentine

Ready for Valentine’s Day?

Thanks to sub c for that beautiful gift with my little friends! 😆 Just a reminder that it’s tomorrow, you can thank me later for not sleeping in the dog house.

Give them bread and circuses

and they will never revolt…Juvenil, poet in the ancient Rome