Un morceau de gâteau à être mangé

Lorsque je fourre, je fourre comme si c’était ta dernière journée sur cette terre! Le secret d’un bon fourrage est…beaucoup de lubrifiant! Quelques soumis de Winnipeg vont s’en rappeler pour le reste de leur vie. (Je suis certaine qu’il y en a quelques-uns d’Ottawa qui peuvent en attester)

Mon gros godemiché noir est un jouet très revendiqué. La position “levrette” une favorite, ainsi que te chevaucher à plat ventre et moi au dessus de toi. Pour ce faire il faut des jambes très fortes mais par chance pour toi, je suis en très grande forme pour maintenir cette position aussi longtemps que tu le peux. Si c’était un sport, je gagnerais la médaille d’or! 😈

Slice of cake waiting to be eaten

When I fuck, I fuck like if it was your last day on this earth! The secret of a good fuck is…lots of lub!  Some Winnipeg subs will remember it for the rest of their life, (I’m sure I have few Ottawa subs who can attest this).

My big black cock strap-on dildo is a must have toy. Many love doggy style, but let me tell you I sure know how to bare back horse riding you! (with condom of course) that is when you are flat on your stomach and me on top of you. Must have strong legs to perform this act, luckily for you, I do keep in good shape to perform as long as you want, not many who can actually maintain this position as I do. If it was a sport, I’ll be a champion! 😈

How did you get so lucky to meet so and so

You can learn few important things from Bella Devina Cox and one of them is “how she got many Dommes’ good graces and respect.


Happy St-Patrick

Maîtresse, Unofficial Start Of Spring for you. March 16, Quebecers can legally remove their winter tires and replace them with summer or all-season tires.
Happy St. Patrick’s Day Weekend! Well, St. Patrick’s Day is Sunday but we all know the drinking and celebration starts Friday at noon. Some won’t make it back to work from the Pub. For others, they won’t make it home till later. A lot of hangovers all week.
The Quebec Celebration…. March 21 to 24  Quebec goes green!  Makes me wonder what green items you have in the dungeon? 
Moi:  We are reckless drivers! Now imagine with Winter snow 😆 With that wind, it doesn’t feel like Spring at all! And that will make 2 long weekends of celebration for Quebecers…(we are more Irish in our blood) we can extend it 2 weekends in a row 😆  All the reasons are good to celebrate!  Cucumber will be (just for you)

I’m back

Mme,……Welcome Back! Wow, not many people visit Winnipeg in the Winter! No Fear, on your part must be that French Canadian Hot Blood running through your veins. Winnipeg is the coldest city in Canada, and a section on Mars is named after Winnipeg for this very reason. 

I am sure Winnipeg wasn’t boring with you visiting and few lucky subs got their asses PEGGED good and hard from your BBC Dildo! I can see those Western subs leaving with a smile on their face and a funny walk when they went back to work.

It was also International Women’s Day last week too… So, I am sure a lot of male asses got beat and fucked by Fem Dommes around the world. This Weekend is St. Patrick Day and a time to celebrate with Green! I wonder, when I see women with those big green Cucumbers in their shopping baskets if there for eating or fucking their boyfriends, husbands or subs ass? I sure your dungeon fridge is well stocked and has a good variety of sizes for every subs ass.

I think the expression “Cool as a cucumber” cums from a Domme who first notice how one of her subs remained cool and calm as she was ramming him hard!

I am sure you have your own veggie stories from the dungeon and all your visiting subs have had their ass fucking fantasies cum true in your dungeon. 
March gets even better! For the first time in nearly 40 years, the Spring equinox will occur on the same day as March’s Full Worm Moon. But that’s not all, March’s full Moon will also be a Supermoon! Seems, like March is shaping up to be one Horny month. What could be better than a sub getting his ass fucked under a Supermoon…magnifique!
P.S… Thanks, for the latex nun pic.
Moi: One guy did not like his pegging, he wanted the bbc, but I started with smaller and complained it was painful, he couldn’t take it…it ruined his mood…he said. He had never been ridden like that before! I always say “be careful what you wish for” 😆
I felt right home when I crossed the bridge to go to Saint-Boniface! I spoke with elderly people, proud of their town, shown me where Louis Riel tombstone was. On following day, I visited human Rights museum and ate at the Forks at Sri Lanka restaurant.
As usual (in every town I go), I received more calls when I was on my way back home and once home from Winnipeg guys, they did not read that I was there for March 5 & 6, they wrote and/or called on the 7. Story of my life!

Dropping pants

Mistress, WOW!… is right. That, photo dropped my pants as soon as I saw it. So, sexy!  Thanks!

Winnipeg the nights are long

Today, I am preparing my luggage with subs’ favorite toys and tomorrow morning leaving for Winnipeg (March 5 & 6)  I will be back home the 7th at noon.  Every body says in Winnipeg it’s boring but from this video, Winnipeg looks like a great place to be, it looks more fun than my own town!

This song (1973) is from a Montreal singer, and he sings it is boring in Winnipeg, that he is not even interested in the women, so that is how much boring it is ! With me there, the nights will be very short