Dear visitor,

Thank you for visiting my site!

My world is a world of consenting adults, who crave for power, control, and attention of a Dominant & Exquisite Woman. Submit to pleasure & pain, by an intelligent, and a perverse mind. By continuing on this path, you consent to engage in acts of humiliation and degradation simply for My amusement!  I take great pleasure in finding ingenious ways to make you want to come back for more!

There are as many paths you can undertake, as there are many levels in BDSM, unique to each person involved.  I’m a responsible trustworthy, playful, fun loving Dominant and rest assured that your safety and well being come first.

With mutual consent, my debauched activities are available for: Males, females, transsexuals, couples,  slaves, submissives, maids, servants, sluts, perverts, admirers and fetishists. I heard them all, nothing is “abnormal or too strange”, so don’t be shy to tell me your kinks from my Dungeon page, especially when you fill out my form, don’t hide anything from me, ’cause soon I will find out who you really are!

You really don’t have the courage to visit me, too afraid? I will never do things against your will, unless it’s what turns you on. On first session, never expect harsh & cruel, first time is more to get to know you & your limitations.  I am charismatic, creative and enthusiastic about my art. I have a great appreciation for men, especially for those who know their place.

Through out the years I have accumulated lots of toys, equipment which you will find in my Dungeon page and also a list of what I like best. My dungeon is undoubtedly the best fully equipped professional dungeon in Ottawa-Gatineau, Canada. Private, clean & discreet.

First visit: You will be required to underline your interests from a list. Bear in mind, though, that just like Disneyland, you can’t do absolutely everything in one day.  If you have more than 3 activities, I strongly suggest you book for at least 1 ½  hour so you won’t leave deprive. We will discuss any questions you may have after the list is completed. I will listen completely to what you have to say and after you are aware of my rules, the session starts and I AM IN TOTAL COMMAND!  No two sessions will be the same as your training will progress.

You must understand & be consistent with your status and position, act in a proper way towards Me. To learn more about me, and also before you contact me, I invite you to get to know me better by having a careful read through this website and I hope to see you on your knees sometime soon.

Welcome beginners.

Welcome men with erectile problems.

Welcome to all who want to discover new horizons.

Maîtresse Cathie La Divine
National Capital Region, Ottawa, Canada