Financial Domination

What is Financial Domination? (Also called Findom)

It can be a sub, money slave, money pig or pay piggy as they are called and may desire a different type of relationship between himself and his Domme.

Tributes can be “spur of the moment”, impulsive offerings as a natural result of the constant building desire and burning need to please your Mistress, and express your adoration for Her. While Tithing is a consistent offering sent on a schedule. Tributes are spontaneous offerings used to express your devotion and desire to please your Mistress. Tributes are also a Mistress’s way of wielding Her power to exert control over a slave. Mistress loves to manipulate Her slave and watch you beg to offer Tribute and if your begging pleases Her, She may actually allow you to send more Tributes.

You are welcomed anytime to adopt one of Mistress’s bills or all Her bills. Also check My wish list for ideas, but before contacting Me to say you want to be My pay piggy,  READ THIS CAREFULLY:  You will not get My reply if  you ask to be my pay piggy without you first and foremost send a tribute or gift from my wish list This will prove Me your seriousness, and only after I receive your tribute or gift, I will then interview you live on webcam or by email before deciding to take you on, or see what you want from the relationship but foremost what can you offer Me! A list of My bills will be sent to you if you prefer this option.

A worthless pay pig needs to be controlled by a Beautiful Woman to feel complete.  you will give Me your money, not because I need it, but because you know, deep down in your soul, making Me happy is your higher purpose.

I know what you need and between emails, phone sessions and live webcam sessions (which you will gladly pay for), I will put you in your place and have you do the most degrading things to please and entertain Me.  I will tell you stories of how I have used your money (if you’re lucky, I may send you a photo).  you will be grateful for any attention I give you, and longing to contribute more and more.

Why men love to be pay piggy?

Briefly:  Nowadays, men can’t be real men because women have money = power. Men are emasculated, even TV commercials ridiculed them.  The only way a man can be a real man is to let him pay for things. Before men’s role was to be providers but they can’t anymore.

I let men be real men, I let them pay bills, shower Me with lavish gifts, that is why men like you love women like Me! What best way can they express their manhood by spending their money!




  1. beruce
    Mar 29, 2018 @ 17:44:20

    Greetings Lady,

    I live in Texas, and My Mistress has captured me as a Piggy, and wants to P * M P me
    and said i must submit to a 14″ cock, and she will be given a tribute. I see that you are also a Findom and wanted to Praise you for being a Womania person, and would like to learn more about working with You and my Mistress if this is a possibility. ?


    • MsCathie
      Mar 30, 2018 @ 12:23:13

      Hi beruce, working with me? you are in Texas and I’m in Canada. I don’t see how you can work for me. I work alone, if you are to “work” for me it’s you who will have to pay me.(which I doubt you will do) if you are sincere and devoted like you sound, the only field I can use you and “free of charge” is at my twitter page you can retweet my posts and will see if you are best man do to such thing! My Salutations to your Mistress!


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