catsuiteyes6-136x82On this page, you will find scenarios written by my subs. Scenarios that I granted and arouse my passion, subs with very creative mind.

While in session you can be very imaginative as long as you follow My guide line and that you stay a perfect and obedient sub at all time. My complete list of BDSM interests can be found at Dungeon page.  I do not follow script to the letter, only some directive lines and what pleases me.

1.The building inspector

2. Enema

3. Cute little butt with cute French accent

4. Nurse intense treatment

5. Almost no limits

6. Secretary Vs boss

7.Pulling the rope around my balls

8. Genitals in hostage

9. usual shopping list




  1. Anonymous
    Jan 23, 2017 @ 06:23:57

    Have you ever forced someone to be a 24/7 sissy? Forcing them to dress up as a women 24/7


    • MsCathie
      Jan 24, 2017 @ 11:12:08

      Why will I be bothered to have someone 24/7? A sissy who will be jealous of my paying subs? No, I don’t keep sissies or any other guys prisoner against their will, it’s consensual, if you pay for 24/7 then everything is possible, but most barely can afford one hour.


      • Mike
        Jan 24, 2017 @ 13:58:15

        Hello Mistress what’s your experience with being a strict teacher if a guy wanted to be a sissy and dress up 24/7. This is of course that he is volunteering him self and gives you full control to get him there one way or another.


        • MsCathie
          Jan 24, 2017 @ 16:13:37

          You want to hear spicy details of what will happen to you as a sissy if you were to serve me 24/7. Go to my “Skype” page if you want to be titillated, if not, I think there is enough material on my website to know what will happen to you. I will never mention details because every session is unique, and everyone reaction varied and I don’t know you and how you will react in person.

          Why I will want a volunteering sissy or a sub? I have tons of guys who serve me and they pay for it! My experience is: I haven’t seen anyone who can afford paying a 24/7 session. People have a life outside their kinky fantasies and so do I! They do this for 1 or 2 hours, and if they can afford it, up to 12 hours and when they can get away from their spouse and job.

          For those who are looking for free sessions, there are so many sites specialized to meet people in BDSM community with same interests. Volunteering will never happen here! I’m not a “make a dream come true foundation” Capish?


          • Johnny
            Mar 13, 2017 @ 18:49:55

            If someone wanted to be a sissy 24/7….have you ever trained someone to fully transform to that over bunch of sessions?

          • MsCathie
            Mar 13, 2017 @ 22:31:45

            yes of course, most are sissies in closest just like you

  2. Owen
    Jan 22, 2017 @ 08:13:58

    My ultimate session is starting off with the biggest dildo you have. Shoving it down my throats then move to my ass and go back and forth. This is no stoping just me taking it. If I like it or not this is all while I’m getting saline pumped in my chest. . Then you prep me and you tell me you are throwing me out all done up in women Clothes. Al I think it’s coming close to ending the worse part of the session comes. Either you or without notice I hear another domme come. I’m forced to pay for the extra domme for the last hours. Then you tell me.before I’m going to dress up I will be a toilet. Both dommes force me to take both ends. Smearing it on me from top of head to toe. Then she dresses me up and throws me out crying. That would be a ultimate humiliation in my eyes.


  3. school boy johnny
    Sep 02, 2016 @ 22:23:42

    Mother Superior Cathie instructed me in my first class at her catholic school Place Divine yesterday evening. Her nun uniform was very convincing and the habit framed her beautiful face perfectly. Although I thought I was well dressed it seemed it was not entirely up to school code and that was my first experience with her brand of disciple. It was a taste of things to come as I couldn’t seem to get anything right. And if you don’t get it right she’ll let you know. After I read the school rules out loud, in French no less she led me to the school’s prayer bench where I had to strip naked, kneel and pray out loud. I could not quite remember Hail Mary and she slapped me hard in my face for my ignorance. After she was frustrated with my lack of prayer knowledge she led me to a bench where things escalated into a full beating with a variety of paddles, floggers, and a cat of nine tails.

    I have never experienced anything like this before. I could feel my ass getting hotter and redder. I was face down on the bench when she moved up to by my head and started to take off her outer cloak revealing her gorgeous body in a corset. When my eyes moved down from her beautiful breasts I was shocked to see a huge strap on cock. I thought what the hell is happening now. She slapped my face with her “cock” and then pushed it into my mouth ordering me to suck it. She fucked my mouth until I gagged and choked. When she had enough of this she moved to my ass, she fucked me from behind and every swear or protest from me got another smack.

    The class ended with me on my knees in front of her kissing her shoes. By the way she gave me homework. Write out some prayers I know. That should be worth a smack. This fantasy of mine has been around for decades and finally I acted on it. I’m glad it was with Ms Cathie La Divine. She’s a stunningly beautiful woman with a wonderful sense of humor. I can’t wait to go back to school, probably without my homework. Johnny


    • MsCathie
      Sep 02, 2016 @ 22:24:32

      Dress code at school: NO JEANS and you forgot to mention the help of Mother Bertha who took good care to teach you good manners and corrected you severely. And for writing that you will probably not do your homework…you are already in trouble! Mother Bertha is waiting for you!


      • school boy johnny
        Sep 02, 2016 @ 23:13:17

        Hi Mother Superior Cathie,

        I forgot to mention that you enrolled me in French language classes too.
        I can only imagine what will happen when I get my verbs wrong.

        Have a great weekend…..see you soon.



  4. Anonymous
    Jul 16, 2015 @ 19:08:48

    Ever get the request by a slave who wants to take a bubble bath with you scrubbing him down hard with wash brush…. I am sure that would be hot to be in a shower or bath as I am sure you won’t be gentle and would scrub hard in all the cracks and openings….

    Who wouldn’t want that on a Hot Summer Night….. a hard hurtful scrub down by a leather clad Dominatrix…..with music playing in the background.

    Strip “BITCH”….. time for a scrubbing! Of course no towel down after to dry off…… You get out your hair dryer, the number one tool in any woman’s bathroom but in the hands of you, a French Dominatrix extraordinaire…… you can be gentle and run it on a nice cool and your slave can feel the nice cool breeze blowing between his balls or medium setting and feel the nice warm all over the skin…. ah, how relaxing. Of course if the slave is blind folded and tied up and not knowing what to expect and will always have the fear in the back of his mind that you might turn the dryer to hot and fry his buns or roast his nuts till he cries out.*:(( crying

    Now that’s how to stay clean…. don’t you think?


    • MsCathie
      Jul 16, 2015 @ 22:56:36

      When are you coming for your scrubbing?


  5. sissy slave
    Apr 03, 2015 @ 18:46:47

    She calls me names like “Sissy” and “Whore” via emails, and commands me to go to a bathroom and remove my boi underwear for the rest of the day.

    At the end of the work, I go to Mistress’ house, still without my underwear on. She lets me in and first thing she does is have me take off my pants to show her that I had no boi underwear on and followed her instructions. Mistress laughs at how small my penis is, making fun of her new slave, she then puts on a chastity device on the slave.

    Mistress tells the slave that we are going shopping. The slave gets dressed and they leave for the sex store.

    At the sex store, Mistress finds a pretty, female store clerk and requests some help. Mistress tells the pretty store clerk that she requires some help picking out an outfit for the sissy slave. Mistress shares that the sissy slave loves getting dressed up and being a slave for cock, and so they need a really slutty outfit.

    Mistress and the store clerk browse the outfits, with the slave behind. Sometimes they hold out outfits against the slave in the store to check sizes and this humiliates the slave completely. Other people in the store can hear Mistress talking with the store clerk and this humiliates the slave even more!

    Mistress also asks the store clerk to see her available butt plugs, because she wants her slave to be plugged on the way home. Mistress and the store clerk eventually pick out a pair of stockings or pantyhose, panties, a bra, a short tight slutty dress and a butt plug.

    Mistress says she is concerned about the size and wants to see it all on the slave, and asks the store clerk if they have a fitting room. Mistress also mentions to the store clerk that the slave isn’t wearing panties and has a chastity device on to prevent any sissy accidents.

    Because the slave can’t try on the dress without panties (or underwear), Mistress and the store clerk agree the best thing would be for the slut to buy everything (or buy everything except the dress and then buy the dress after), and then try it on. After the slut pays, the store clerk shows the slut where the change room is. The slut goes in and is commanded by Mistress to put everything on including the plug! The slave then takes off his boi clothes and puts on the whole outfit including the plug.

    The slave then opens the door slightly to show Mistress the outfit. Mistress pushes the whole door open showing everyone that can see the slave in her new outfit! Perhaps the store clerk is still nearby and she can see too! Mistress and the store clerk then make sure everything fits well and they are satisfied the outfit is slutty enough.

    Mistress then commands the slave to put on just pants and a jacket over the dress. The slave’s shirt goes into a bag so that the slave has to walk down the street with the dress on just underneath the jacket. Mistress also doesn’t let the slave do up the jacket all the way to make it more humiliating!

    (If we were driving to the store – I would love it if Mistress made me take off the jacket and pants in the car so that the slave was wearing the outfit in the car as we drove around)

    When we got back to Mistress’ house, the sissy slave would be forced to shower and clean herself, and put on the outfit again. Mistress would then take humiliating pictures of the slave in her new outfit. Mistress would also say that she was going to share the pictures with her male friends, in case one of them wanted to fuck the sissy slave!

    After the humiliating shopping trip and photo shoot, Mistress would then start the slave’s cock sucking and anal training. Perhaps the slave’s dress is hiked up and the slave could be tied down, and then forced to suck different sized dildos and take different sized toys in the slave’s boi pussy. Mistress keeps using bigger and bigger toys in the slave’s boi pussy as it is so tight and she needs to get it ready for bigger real cocks.

    If the slave doesn’t do a good job, the slave is punished by being spanked and / or having nipple clamps put on the slave’s nipples.

    The whole time (perhaps even in the store?), Mistress talks about how she wants to whore the slave out. Mistress share’s her ideas about how she will make the sissy slave a real whore, and whore out the slut to her friends and paying customers and keep any money the sissy earns as tribute.

    The sissy slut is fucked in different positions with different toys over and over to make sure the slut’s boi pussy is stretched out. As well, the sissy’s mouth is filled with dildos to practice cock sucking.

    Eventually, when Mistress is satisfied of the sissy’s training for the day, the sissy is permitted to cum but only if the slave eats all of it up. This is really hard for the slave. Mistress demands that if the slave does cum, the slave will eat it all, so to think hard before answering.

    Mistress sees the slave is having a hard time, and so decides for the slave. Mistress decides that the slave doesn’t have a choice any more, the slave has to cum, and will be force fed all of the sticky hot cum.

    The chastity device is then removed, and the slave commanded to fill her slut panties with cum. Mistress pulls at the slut`s nipples as she is impatient and commands the slave to cum quickly. It doesn’t take the excited slave very long to fill the newly purchased panties with cum.

    Mistress forces the Slave onto the slave’s back, shoves a vibrating toy in the slave’s boi pussy, and then feeds the slave all of the cum out of the panties. Perhaps mistress uses a spoon, or toy, to flick the cum out of the panties and into the slut`s mouth. The slave notices that Mistress leaves a tiny amount of cum in the panties and then she tells the Slave to go shower and leave.

    When the slave comes out of the shower, the slave starts to put on boi underwear. Mistress soon smacks her Slave, saying she didn’t permit the slave to put those on. Instead, Mistress commands the slave to put on the dirty panties that have a bit of cum left in them, as well as the butt plug they bought earlier. The slave is then permitted to put on the rest of his clothes.

    Mistress tells the slut to go to a public washroom, and there the slave can change. The slut also is commanded to take a picture of the slave naked in the stall, or with the slave naked in the washroom. The slave has to send the picture to Mistress so that she knows he has done the assignment. After Mistress is happy with the picture that is sent, she will tell the slave, and only then when Mistress is happy can the slave put on boi underwear, remove the plug and go home.


  6. sub hh
    Feb 22, 2015 @ 22:11:15

    “Maitresse Cathie’s Weight Loss Clinic:

    Tired of failed diets? It is just an issue of will power vs. fat. Here is a method proved through personal experience over two six week periods.

    The secret is to make the consequence of failing to follow the diet (whatever regime works for you) even worse than the discomfort of the diet itself.

    a) take your base weight, under Dr. Cathie’s watchful eye.

    b) undertake to lose X pounds over Y period.

    c) establish a punishment you really do not want and really fear, to be administered by Dr. Cathie. So, not just a BDSM mind game.

    d) weigh-in after agreed diet period. Give Dr. Cathie $X00 before weigh in. If you achieve your weight loss, she will refund an agreed part of the tribute, and you go happily on your way. It is a nice reversal of roles to see her disappointment with your success. If you fail, she will keep the total amount and punish you very, very hard.

    This can really work. Whenever one sees a donut, one pictures Dr. Cathie with a riding crop made of thumb tacks. This scary consequence is better than any diet if you want to lose weight, better than a boot camp.

    your sub hh


    • MsCathie
      Feb 22, 2015 @ 22:15:38

      And you forgot to mention that if you fail there is a fine! Glad to see Doctor orders work very well and you reached your goal. But if you don’t like harsh punishments, other options are at your disposal.


  7. pierre
    Jan 22, 2015 @ 20:41:24

    I would be interested in a session revolving around degradation and humiliation. I have to say that while I have been thinking and fantasizing for years about meeting a professional dominatrix, this will be a first for me. I’m nervous, but this is a good time for me to experience this fantasy and see if this is for me or if this is just the case of something being a mental fantasy that cannot translate well in the “real world”.

    Although I’m new to BDSM, I have read a lot about it and I understand that there is a difference between “degradation” and “humiliation”. I’m attracted to both, but primarily “degradation”, because I like the personal connection that this requires. However, since I do not have much experience, I thought we could plan a degradation session, with humiliation as a fall back if degradation turns out to be more than I can handle. I actually have a bit of experience:

    1) once I asked an escort to pee on me (she peed on my penis while I was masturbating, I didn’t dare to ask her to pee on my face, but that’s actually a turn on for me…);

    2) I met an escort who had some BDSM skill, she agreed to degrade/humiliate me while she was jerking me off. She told me to look at her ass, that I would never get a woman like her, that I was a looser; she mocked my uncircumcised penis (may be valuable information for degradation: when I am erect, my foreskin cannot retract, it makes it very difficult for me to ejaculate inside a woman; my common law wife no longer wants to have sex with me as a result), she told me that I could never satisfy a woman, that I was not a real man and that I did not have “a beau corps” (I think my body is not so bad, but she seem to actually believe what she said and this did hurt my feeling – strangely, this gave me a great orgasm!); she also spit in my mouth, which I truly appreciated and loved.

    3) Once I asked an escort to spank me; this was not plan and she did not know how to handle to mental aspect of it. She spanked me once and I asked her to stop. I read story of male visiting escort and being spanked to tears, it turns me on to think about it, but I am a pussy and don’t know how much pain I could take. I think for this to work, you would have to really be able to get into my mind as it is the mental aspect I am the most interested in my BDSM fantasy.

    I understand you do not offer sex; I have seen enough escorts, I just want the emotional connection that comes with BDSM. However, this is highly erotic for me, so I imagine I will get to your place with a massive erection (!) and would need to be allow a pity self-release toward the end, ideally while you verbally degrade and humiliate me. If I can come more than once it would be awesome, but it is better not at the beginning of our session to keep me horny and wanting to play :-).

    Again, I’m mostly looking for something mental, but my wife is out of the country, you are an expert, so I trust you will not leave any marks that would still show by then. Otherwise, I will follow your lead despite pussy, I do wish to submit to you and if it is your pleasure to hurt me, I wish to try to please you. It does turn me on to think you may actually enjoy hurting me.

    I have never done it, but I would love to be made suck on your strap-on while being verbally degraded. I never try, but I would like to try being anally raped by you (strap-on). I heard that some Dominatrix make their sub eat their own sperm, I find it hot; as well, I heard some dominatrix make their sub masturbate to gay porn, I’m not gay, I promise, but I do find it very humiliating and would be happy to oblige.

    I apologize for making you read all that, but I love your website and I think this may be a great experience and now is a good time since my wife is away for a few days. Thank you so very much. I hope you can see me tomorrow.

    Your devoted,


    • MsCathie
      Jan 22, 2015 @ 20:45:49

      This is the typical email I get, it summarizes in general what couples are going through. The wife is no longer interested in you (or the other way around). Most men are afraid, nervous but not nervous to see escorts. Men all come to see me after seeing escorts who have whips and handcuffs. I guess it’s a logical step in novices’ mind. They start with what they are familiar with and feel safe, but are reluctant, afraid to see a Pro-Domme! Do you really think Pro-Dommes beat you mercilessly with no regards to your needs? And will keep you prisoner against your will? Why will we want to keep you prisoner and beat you endlessly? We have other subs to see and play with. We wouldn’t stay in business very long if it was the case.

      Unsatisfied with escorts, Pro-Dommes are the last resource. BTW, your wife does a pretty good job to degrade you, send her to me! Your penis is okay, why I know? She married you, why is she degrading you now? You must have done something to piss her off and sleep in the dog house and I’m sure like most men, you are clueless. When you come to see me I will tell you what you did to her and of course ridicule this useless thing that you cherish so much! Why don’t you go get that penis circumcised? You aren’t getting any, probably deep down you know you never will! 😈


  8. sub jj
    May 21, 2014 @ 00:39:13

    Something new?

    Looking at websites, came across this. Made me think of meeting and sitting in McDonald restaurant with you, giving you tribute and my keys and cell phone for total control, and you go to bathroom to replace hamburger with shit, fill drink with pee that you bring. Back seated, because wired up before at in bathroom at restaurant or your place with electrics on cock and vibrator in ass, you could control pain nicely. Could not yell. Forced to eat and drink it all. At end, go to bathroom and jerk off on fries, which have to eat in front of you or you will not return my things. Not sure if you interested or have other much better ideas of public risk of humiliation.


    • MsCathie
      May 21, 2014 @ 00:52:17

      I LOVE IT! You are getting very adventurous! That is a really good one! “the burger switch”! Having a McCathie patty and cool-aid fresh from the tap, MUCH healthier than McDonald food! Everybody is saying McDonald food is shit, so might as well eat the real one! lol I use a dog collar with electricity remote control wireless, that I put around the balls. I really am looking forward to it! I too need new challenges!


      • Anonymous
        Jan 22, 2017 @ 00:57:27

        That’s a awesome idea. Shit sandwich piss pop and vomit. You can even shock him until he eats everything.


        • MsCathie
          Jan 22, 2017 @ 01:53:06

          This idea has been done over and over the last 2 years, many trip to McDonald’s for happy meal “McCathie” and he has been shocked to eat it all! Piss & shit I don’t mind but vomit: never!


          • Anonymous
            Jul 31, 2017 @ 18:20:05

            I’ve been dreaming about a mcathie meal for a while!

          • MsCathie
            Jul 31, 2017 @ 22:41:21

            I will soon be in Toronto, so make sure you book ASAP, every body is waiting for that delicacy. first come first served!

          • Owen
            Aug 04, 2017 @ 18:17:20

            Haha idk would be terrified to have no way out but would be such a turn on to suffer though it.

          • Tony
            Aug 07, 2017 @ 18:28:03

            Mistress, what would happen and has it ever happen …. Has anyone asked you to do something like scat and backed out but told you to ignore them? What happen?

          • MsCathie
            Aug 07, 2017 @ 22:28:00

            if someone back out, he loses his deposit and it’s not ignored he will be…he will be dead in my book until he pays full payment. I see you are like most subs when it’s time to act out their fantasy after booking, you starting to shit in your pants…now you know why I ask a deposit.

      • Owen
        Mar 13, 2017 @ 18:47:17

        Omg I love to do that challange to:)


  9. Anonymous
    Feb 22, 2014 @ 16:41:59

    I am very addicted to sucking guys cock. I love to let guys go off in my mouth. I love to swallow all the jizz they can give me. I like to be throat fucked as well if I had my way I would suck 10 guys dicks every day if I could find guys to service daily. Do you have such play?


    • MsCathie
      Feb 22, 2014 @ 16:42:28

      I have lots of slut cocksuckers, and they love everything about cock: The way it smells, having their head hold still while he relentlessly humps your face. You don’t have to do anything but sucking.

      I don’t have request of guys that want their cock sucked by another male, but they all want to suck a cock! It’s kind of hard to have many cocks handy when you book for it, guys are at work. I can find one or two but 10? Usually guys want huge cocks, that’s much harder to find, but I do have. So you have to book at least 2 days ahead.

      The one thing I know about cum whores is how addicted to cum they get. If they don’t have a cock to suck for a wad of jizz, they’ll eat their own!

      Do you find yourself obsessed with cocks? For the less brave ones, if not ready for a real one, do as all my scary ones who deny that they want a real cock in their mouth but love to suck on a fake one: you can start practicing on my all shapes, all sizes, squirting dildos and you can come now, no need to book 2 days ahead. There’s nothing like the sound of a cock whore getting their mouth fed!


      • tom (aka sinthia)
        Apr 04, 2014 @ 08:24:33

        I do not consider myself gay as I have no desire to go to a gay bar or meet a guy at random and suck his cock. I do however have a huge desire to suck cock and swallow every drop of jizz. My desire is that it is “forced” on me by a Domme or with a tgirl. The only forced occasions I have had are forced masturbation and eating my own cum (I am also into extreme humiliation). I have sucked several tgirl cocks but there has yet to be a cim or swallow. I notice MsCathie that you have bukakke on your menu. I wonder if you understand how much that makes my heart race!


        • MsCathie
          Apr 04, 2014 @ 19:32:38

          Very common fantasy! That is all what they are saying: I’m not gay! Do you consider yourself “bi”?


          • troy
            Sep 26, 2015 @ 08:22:52

            no I just like cocks,be them rubber or real cock.

  10. sub n
    Dec 19, 2013 @ 22:23:02

    Hello mistress, I will keep it short and sweet. I am a young slave who’s served a domme before, her name is ——–. I am looking for the ultimate bondage experience. I am crazy for the heaviest shackles and chains you have. I want to wear the tightest corset you can fit on me and tight thigh boots. Posture collar muzzled and gagged. A spread eagle with no wiggle room, hot wax, nipple clamps, electricity, whips. Hogtied. Saw your solid metal fucking machine bench as a bondage toy. Please no strap on training or enema treatment. If I happen to cum without permission please leave me bound to think of what I did.

    I would like to pay for a full one hour session by interact to get your generous Christmas offer. Friday after work (6pm) and saturday anytime. I thank you for your time.

    sub n


    • MsCathie
      Dec 19, 2013 @ 22:28:01

      sub n, this is how I like to receive emails, short and sweet! List your desires, names of Mistresses you sessioned with before, exact time and day, your phone number (I will contact you by email only not by phone), be polite, respectful, no fuss, no hassle, no haggle of my fee, and after confirming your appointment, the door will be wide open for you to be given the luxury of My presence. Looking forward to play with you. (if you don’t want to leave me your phone number then a deposit will be required).


      • Anonymous
        Jan 22, 2017 @ 08:03:11

        Omg you don’t know how I think you are so perfect. This is how I love my sessions. I love when the Mistress just does not care. Such a turn on when she just puts on a corset so tight to point it’s really tight. This is how it shd be. When you force a guy to eat your poop I truely believe it shd be not if he wants to but it’s going to happen. I love it when the dommes makes the sub suffer. More suffering the more he will want it to end and really rush to take it all.


  11. sean
    Dec 05, 2013 @ 14:27:01

    Hi Goddess,
    First timer, looking to be seduced, teased and dominated. Not into pain or extreme humiliation. Looking for 2 main things: leg worship and strap-on. No experience with either. Hope to worship your beautiful legs while you are seated with legs crossed. Bare legs for most of it but I also would like to see black shear stockings. Not into feet at all. Not into sissy stuff or being called bitch. Like having my balls played with, light spanking, maybe a collar. My only concern is being told to look at the floor. I really want to stare at your legs and worship them.


    • MsCathie
      Dec 05, 2013 @ 14:32:09

      Hi sean, this is the kind of emails I like to receive, it’s short, (I don’t need to know your back ground, life story) and you know what you want and don’t want. Sessions can be as simple as this! Of course I love challenges and testing you 😈 but if it’s not your cup of tea, fine with me! And you can stare and worship my legs as long as you want.


  12. sub johnjohn
    Oct 31, 2013 @ 18:21:23

    Hi Maîtresse,
    Just to let you know that was awesome meal last week. Your luncheon targeting and capacity talents impressed me. Like to do it again just the same, but wondered if you can think of something new, different, scary and humiliating to try now you know client’s tastes. No assistant this time.

    Here are some fantasies… No chastity device this time. He will come wearing ladies jeans with cock chained and prominently exposed. Subject tied tightly to bed on back, all limbs including head completely immovable. Sometimes, total sensory deprivation. Make him wear ear plugs, earphones to deprive of any sound, and and double gags to prevent any pleas. Fingers taped together with masking tape and put in bondage mitts. CB torture for l-o-n-g time. Extensive teasing and denial. Different punishments including sounds, catheter, vibration, dildo, paddling, whipping, nipples, feet, electrical. Result: impossibly punished and horny. Feed him his usual lunch. If he does not open wide and swallow and beg for more, whip his balls. Don’t stop whatever he says, as he will LIE. He is NOT allowed to cum. If he does accidentally, immediately gag including cum covered cloth and blindfold , and whatever he says or tries to say, rough milking sensitive dick and leave for a while to reflect on his sins in tied position. After a while, dress, give enema through hole in jeans, push out door, with icy hot on balls and fingers still bound with masking tape. He can remove with teeth while enjoying enema and long walk and drive home. What a mess! sub johnjohn


    • MsCathie
      Oct 31, 2013 @ 18:24:35

      Glad to hear you enjoyed your meal, now that I know the more is better, I should have empty my bowel. Can’t control the amount, each session is unique, maybe the next time I won’t have as much? Looking forward for your next big lunch!


      • sub johnjohn
        Dec 09, 2013 @ 10:03:35

        Submitted on 2013/12/09 at 10:01 am | In reply to MsCathie.

        For another time, unless you would be amused to try! Food can be very exciting! Years ago, in another city, had to bring large bottle of own pee, and had to drink all, sometimes through baby bottle had to eat gross fish cat food off floor, had to shit after enema on newspapers on plastic on floor, and had to roll up / clean up papers with mouth and lips, and put pieces of newspaper in garbage bag and with hands and arms bound behind. Uncooked rice was spread around – hard on knees, and also had to be cleaned up. Took quite a while, but punished severely (cbt, whip) when not moving fast enough. Very amusing to mistress.

        Icey Hot is very good, but heard about ginger in butt, or small slice ginger put in dick. (will need triple gagging – panties, ball, and lots of tape). Sounds very scary. Don’t stop whatever he says, as he will LIE. He is NOT allowed to cum


        • MsCathie
          Dec 09, 2013 @ 10:30:10

          Is that what you call scary? Nothing scary about having ginger in butt or dick or any of what you mention! We all have our own definition of scary! 😉


      • Owen
        Jan 22, 2017 @ 01:13:35

        I def look forward to my big meal but looking forward to learn your true meaning of scary. I personally think digging would be easy though


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