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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATo communicate by Skype, phone or email, messenger FB or

Are you nervous about your first session?

Do you have questions about different types of play or any concerns?

Do you want to know more about My personality and play style?

Note: If you are ready to see me and don’t have questions, send an email or call to book! Also a tour of My dungeon can be arranged without playing and discuss your kinks & My paraphernalia in person. (see contact page to obtain info)

N.B.: There is no interaction on Skype, Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, phone chatting before I receive your payment. Do let me know by email you have sent your payment and we’ll schedule our communication after I receive your payment

Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail Chatting
6 replies = $ 60 per day
10 replies = $ 70 per day
20 replies = $ 90 per day

Audio or phone
10 minutes = $ 60
20 minutes = $ 90
30 minutes = $ 120

Messenger, Webcam, Skype
10 minutes = $ 70
20 minutes = $ 100
30 minutes = $ 130

Methods of payment :

I don’t have a PayPal account, ONLY the 3 followings:

1) If you don’t want to use a credit card, you can buy an gift card at many stores such as Shoppers, Rexall, Pharmaprix, Walmart, etcand send me by email the card number
2) On-line banking with Interac Email Money Transfer is available to anyone with an email address and a bank account in Canada and this is without sharing any personal or financial information with meNo names are shown. Where it says name, you indicate “PDI”  not Mistress, keep it private! If you are not familiar with this, check this video “see how people use Interac email money transfer.

Click here for bank to bank Interac Email Money Transfer. You will only need my email at my contact page.

3) You can use e-gift certificate. Only need my email at my contact page.

How to do an Interac Email Money Transfer: (Canadian banks only)

1- Login to your online banking.
2- Locate Interac Email Money Transfer, usually found in the Transfer Payments menu
3- Fill in the Interac Email Money Transfer information (personal or financial information is not shared with me), the only information you need is my email, which you will find in contact page

4- The payment goes DIRECTLY from your bank account to Mine – (Without sharing personal or financial information with me) you will also have to create a security question & answer to which you will email Me the answer so I can accept your money. At the recipient name indicate “PDI”.