Never tired to watch this

Quel ensemble est ton préféré? Devrais-je dire quelle femme?

Hey baby, hey baby you hear me?

If We Lived In A World Where Women Catcalled Men…Men wish women talk like this! Isn’t it?

Role reversal…dickpad

What your roots are?


My first two toes are equal. According to this link my roots are Romain and my feet are balanced, I knew I was balanced but I thought I was from Heaven! I thought I had Asian feet, but mines are arched which Asian aren’t.

updated June 28

From sub doggy: I was pretty skeptical of this six feet theory but it was 100% correct. Emoji
I wonder if there is a six inch penis theory too?……. lol

Ok here’s a picture of how to properly measure a guy’s cock. You should measure every one, good for humiliating the small guys with micros. You should also measure ball stretch too or how much weight they can hold ooooch!
From Maîtresse:  Yes I also read that 6 inch should satisfy women but don’t let this theory fools you!  This is what women will say to not hurt your feelings. Thanks for the picture to show how it should be measured! That is how I always thought it should be done but some guys told me it was from the root, which is under the balls! Bull shit! The measurement under the balls is only good if you have a tiny dick and want to amplify the #.
You should know that many guys can’t have their balls stretched with weights or be tied, hard to explain this one but I can’t grab their balls to tied them, I can say they have no balls or nearly have balls, the balls are lift up, probably they are scared of Me! It’s like when they go swim in a pool and the water is so cold.
Their balls are like dogs who are neutered, they should have neuticles!  Neuticles allows to retain their natural look, self esteem and aids them with the trauma associated with altering.
I have to clarify that this survey is based on expectation, not on what women really want! When you have a choice you don’t go for expectation.
BTW I certainly don’t measure the micros’ one, they already are humiliated enough with what God gave them, if there is a God…God is unfair 😆  If it was a Goddess do you think She will be fair? You probably wish it was a Goddess, all men would be created equal down there!  I bet you never thought of this theory! With your 10″ cock, I have never paid attention to your feet!
How to Measure a Penis
With what can you measure this?
micro penis

The sequel…if dogs were men

A Million Ways To Die In The West

No two days are the same! McFarlane Western movie is finally out! Many good actors in it!

There is also with latex, it’s one of the 1000 ways to die.  How do you know if you are allergic to latex? Watch this video to find out!

Don’t judge a book by its cover

She is better shape than many of my 20 y/o & 30 y/o subs! Check this 80 y/o woman performance, she will blow your mind!