My Shoes & My Legs

Here is one of so many reasons why subs come to see Me, they love to see Me wearing high heels!  It’s a prerequisite! They will be so disappointed if I wasn’t wearing them while serving Me!  If there is a pair of shoes or sandals (boots are here )  that you wish to see me wearing during session, you have to let me know if you have favorite ones when you book because I have many others at home, simply mention the number that you see on the picture of your favorite ones, you can choose as many as you want. These are not all of my shoes and sandals that I have, I have so many more!  I’m not done taking pictures of all my shoes. It is just a teaser!

I also have request for flat shoes, flat sandals, smelly running shoes but for now I post the indispensable ones!  “high heels”.  If you don’t have high heels fetish, only need to mention when you book that you want to see me in flat shoes, sandals or flat boots or bare feet.






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souliers-collage#700-2015 copy


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