Extra time for free

Last week, I had an appointment, (nothing to do with BDSM) but I arrived 15 minutes late, (wrong direction, but I called to let know I will arrive late) this person appointment duration is 1/2 h, so my time with this person only lasted 15 min. and shown me the door, and when I paid this person’s fee, I doubled the fee, this person refused, and only asked for the regular fee, but I insisted because I want to make sure next time this person will be happy to see me, and will forgive me for arriving late.

If I was showing the door to my subs as this person did to me, I would get a bad rap! All working people and professionals in all fields have a schedule to follow, and get a pay cheque for their time and overtime. Why in my line of work, you expect us to keep you for extra time for free? Even when you arrive late!  Like if I had nothing else to do after our time together.

Many expect to serve me for free after few sessions.  Another lack of respect for my profession? They get so excited because we get along, so they will invite me to join them to go to restaurant or to go on vacations without offering to pay for my time and worst: they don’t offer to pay for flights and hotels. Keep on dreaming! See contact page for my fee for vacations and for escorting you for outings.

Being frustrated about my rejections, you will say that I’m all about money. Just like you, I too have bills, mortgage and a rent to pay for this beautiful place where you like to come and decompress. So being on vacations with you, that doesn’t pay for this fantasy dreamed place if you don’t compensate me and the end of the months arrive fast!

If your boss wasn’t paying you for your time and extra time, I doubt you will be appreciative and soon you would be searching for another job, you would file a complaint to the Labour Standards Commission that your boss is a thief!

Some are audacious enough to ask if I have someone else after or before and some have stopped seeing me for not keeping them for free extra time after their paying session, like if it was their due, because I did once or twice and now they are expecting it.

If you wanted more than a hour, why didn’t you book for longer? That way, everybody is happy, no friction and no delay on my schedule. You already know an hour with me is too short, so book in consequence.

Place Divine is not a charity center and not “a make a wish come true” foundation