Imagination better then all nude

Mistress, I am I the only one that just gets off with you wearing your outfits? No need to be nude. There is no fantasy and nothing left to the imagination when naked. 

One of your best looks is your Game of Thrones look! The tight fitting Fleur de Lis corset, covers you all but is hotter than being topless or in a bra. ….and the robe to covers you up… but I imagine being on my knees sucking your dildo and you just drape the robe over me so I am not seen, just hear sucking. I always forget to wear the Fleur de Lis collar and chain it would go good with my jester outfit.   I am wondering if Game of Thrones has a Court Jester (Fool)? Every Queen needs her Fool to entertain or humiliate before her friends. 

  Of course this look is how I envision you in my head so I have to see you with a crown, scepter etc., if others like the look or gets them off too or you  like it then …

Moi: No one asked for this outfit, in fact My subs aren’t fussy about what I wear, they know they will always get sexiness and as long it’s not sweat pants 😆 Can’t recall seeing a jester in GOT

Does it remind you of

when you are in my presence?…Naked at My throne! I’m at GOT season 4-8 and Sam (chubby guy) who worries about the love of his life, who has a baby, (he is not the father) an old man wisely told him: he could talk all night of the lost loves…I’m sure you can talk all day and night of the love of your life too…on how she or he can tick you off! 😆 “words from a wise woman” that is why women like Moi exist…you can escape from time to time of your found love. 😈

Very mesmerize look


With all the floods in the Capital region, the city Gatineau (Hull sector) where my play space is, was spared, only one bridge is closed: Chaudières bridge, the water level is so high, no risk to take, but you still have Portage Bridge, Champlain bridge and Royal Alexandra Bridge to cross, they will all bring you to me without risk! My play space is behind those government buildings, few blocks away.

The bridge will be closed until August

Mother of dragons’eyes

Dear Maîtresse,  when, Daenerys Targaryen (mother of dragons) got in rhythm and in-sync with the hard-fucking, it was tears of joy. Just look at her eyes. Hard to beat doggie style fuck position. I remember when you demonstrated how you fuck a guys’ ass on the bed. I though Holy Fuck the bed springs are going to break! …that is so hot!
Moi: I don’t know if I should say: Exciting or scary scene, I am about the same size of her, so I will say: both! 😆 Her eyes say: pain but her smile says: satisfaction.
The bed was already broken, and guess why? 😈 But the springs are ok, (can’t feel them, the springs won’t hurt you) And that is why I am keeping this beg because you can really have more rhythms on it without fear of breaking it and without too much effort! 😆 and the Mistress is very satisfied! 😈

Madam X One, two chachacha

3 things we have in common: Chacha, horses, and wedding dress, (see gallery 1 & 5) but why the eye patch? Does she have an eye infection or a lazy eye? 😆 I dance Chacha (Salsa, Bachata, Meringue, Samba, line dances, social dances). Beside dominating men, what else do we do? Dance like if it was 1999 😆 and I know many will be very thrilled to watch this video! It includes all kinds of fetishes.

Can be messy

Easter long weekends fucking bunnies can sometimes be messy even in a bondage bag, lots of fuck bunnies this last weekend (but not all in bondage bag) see my Twitter page for the video of it.

Easter long weekend

Yes I am available all long weekend with a rainy weekend, what else to do? Nothing than fucking My bunnies. Don’t you love days like these? Stay in bed…and fuck like there was no tomorrow!