On my way back

from Winnipeg, I watched Bohemian Rhapsody movie in the plane, and the song that sticks in my head is “I want to break free” which I am sure you can relate. I “broke free” when I decided to do what I like best, it was the best decision of my life! But rest assured I am very discreet, no one knows in my entourage what I do for a living…so not totally free! 😆

I think all of you cross dressers in the closet when I see the video, especially when he struts from kitchen to living room and go up the stairs…very realistic and cute, reminds me of one of my sissy in particular with the same gestures.

When I hear “Crazy little thing called love” it always brings me back to one of my “real” job when I was working night shift for a multi-international business, that song started to play on the radio and saved a coworker from burning herself, she fell asleep while she was holding a soldering iron and burned her blouse with it and she woke up to that song, she would have burned herself so badly her belly if not of this song. We got a good laugh, we told her: “Saved by the Queen”

We all want to break free of something, don’t be miserable your whole life! But not every truth is fit to be told!