I am very permissive

Today is the last day of the month of LOVE! Love takes many shapes and forms. We love our best friends, our family, our pets. We can love coffee, chocolate and movies. We can love romantically and passionately. We can love skiing, swimming, yoga and naps.  
Then there’s self-love – a state of appreciation for oneself that grows from actions that support our physical, psychological and spiritual growth.  Self-love is compassionately seeking the truth in our lives, treating our body, mind and spirit with respect and staying open to new possibilities.  Self-love is not indulgent. It’s needed so we can be at our best for the ones we love. Yoga reminds us of compassion and acceptance (ahimsa) for who we are and who we are becoming as we journey through life.   
I received this lovely email from where I practice my Yoga: With all my years of practicing Yoga, how permissive I became? I accept people with their faults but it’s not written “dummy” on my forehead, it’s “Domme”.  Subs think I don’t know when they are lying. I just listen and see how far they go with it.  I just let them shoot themselves in their foot. I love Moi, don’t you? 😆  Now that the month of love is over, I simply am waiting for Easter…yummy chocolate

Winnipeg March 5 & 6

First time in that part of my country, I will stay in hotel downtown Winnipeg and looking forward to visit Saint-Boniface, the French quarter, I will feel just right home! It’s the province of one of my favorite singer : Daniel Lavoie, from Dunrea. His song was first written in English, but it’s singing it in French that got him “out there” and was translated after in Spanish, Portuguese and Russia.

Daniel tells about this song creation:

«This album was my last chance, because I could not earn for a living, all that I earned just went back into the circulation. I began to feel dissatisfied, I was 34-35 years old, and then I said: «I do not want to live all my life like this»… Because I really earned at the very poor people level. And I remember the day when I wrote this song. I was working as usual, composing songs… At noon I made a break to prepare myself a sandwich, went home, turned on the TV, listened to daily news… And there was a report from Beirut, because it was 1983.

Beirut was in fire, covered with blood and destroyed. In that report I saw two teenagers, holding their hands at the ruins, and it really shocked and impressed me at the same time. Such a things make you smile in a surrounding darkness. It pushed me back into my studio where I wrote «Ils s’aiment» in 15 minutes. I sing this song so far, and I always feel the same emotions, because it feels like I am in Jerusalem, in Baghdad at the moment… This song is always truthful, awfully truthful…»

This is not the original one, (original one is much better) but I posted it because it is subtitled in English and he is so sexy with those big brown eyes that you can’t see on this video! 😆


Favorite post

Mme, One of my favorite responses from you on Blog last year, was…. No needed to check.. duuuh he’s black! Then saying you need a few like Mede to be playful like kittens. (ya…sure)  lmao, when you said ya…sure.  You, always don’t disappoint with your replies to subs. I had to make what you said into a meme!
Moi: Almost the end of Black history month and no BBC showed up, like usual.

Try to impress

Want to see how a male teenager tried to impress my lady friends and I? Go see my Twitter to see the video, you may learn something from this! 😆

Twitter: cathieladivine

To all my pigs

I’m going to have a very good year with my pigs! 😈

For the lazybones

The day after…sleeping in the dog house begins ! 😆

14th VS 15th

I was listening to a radio talk show yesterday, it was all about the snow storm we had. One caller who has a truck for snow removal said he saw at least 8 women VS 1 man shoveling, and the worse case was an 8 month pregnant woman who was shoveling because she wants to make sure when her water will break, she can leave fast, she said her lazybones husband was in their home watching TV…never shovels. And men wonder why their spouse isn’t receptive. “Happy” Valentine’s Day to lazybones men! and to all the real men out there (if there still is)…have a kinky one!