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Can be messy

Easter long weekends can sometimes be messy even in a bondage bag, lots of fuck bunnies this last weekend (but not all in bondage bag)

Easter long weekend

Yes I am available all long weekend with a rainy weekend, what else to do? Nothing than fucking My bunnies. Don’t you love days like these? Stay in bed…and fuck like there was no tomorrow!

Back in Ottawa

It was a short visit to Toronto but very enjoyable one! Back to My regular schedule and eager to fuck My fuck bunnies. Easter special will soon end! If you can’t make it before Easter, you can still have this special by paying before Easter and come later, no limited time.

And Toronto subs, I will see you again sooner than I thought.

GOT experience

Believe it or not in 8 years, I have never watched Game of Thrones. This evening is now the final season! I watched the very first one few weeks ago…and got hooked on the very first one, when that huge king monster was fucking this tiny little thing called Khaleesa! That was like watching a porn 😆  I now have a lot to catch up! (and now I have to see Aquaman, this king monster is Aquaman)

One thing about “mother of dragons”: Queen Khaleesa was advised to not doing it doggy style anymore, she became a “real” Queen when she was on top and stared at her monster’s eyes, this shown that she was entitled to be a real Queen…not a slave. (Poor little thing…look at her face..:lol:)

Toronto April 15-16

I will be staying at hotel downtown near Wayne Gretzky’s restaurant. Sorry slackers, April 15 all booked. Some openings on 16. Email me for consideration and I will be available for session on April 17 starting 3 pm at my play space in Gatineau (Hull sector)

April Fool

I just received an email from a sub who warned me about this person:

A person named marie-claude charpentier from Caen, France (madame.oceane) FaceBook: serviceebdsm has your pictures on her (or his) profile and asking me to send 150 euro to virtually dominate me. her (his) email is servicebdsm@gmail.com Is that you?

Moi: This is not me, firstly, I NEVER contact someone to ask for money, au contraire, it’s subs who contact me to offer their $. I contacted her to tell her (or him) to remove my pictures and she blocked me. Thank you to my new sub who reported this to me.

Don’t be an April Fool by sending $ to someone you don’t know or pretend to be Moi. Always check from the source.

To all my Aries

Happy birthday! Horny Aries