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Some people have the urge to tell everything and then they become paranoid

OTK spanking

My sub as a lovely ass, isn’t she desirable! And she can take a good one!

To be added to my toy collection

Or a real one will do! 😆


What is gynandromorphophilia

Bella Devina Cox explains it all in her blog: The official definition is: Those of male genitalia who are sexually attracted to transgender women, but common beliefs have much to add. The ready-made remark speaks of repressed homosexuals who, refusing to have relationships with other men for fear of being outed, hypocritically take shelter in the arms and legs of transwomen.


My hottie fem-sub

Dear Maîtresse,

Hot day today but it seems you have already turned up the heat! Time to take that cold shower.
OMG!!!  Wow, a new protege, congratulations! Nice photo too. This is exciting Summer news for your strait subs and slaves who are not interested in cross-dressers, transgender (she cocks) or BBC. I guessing she’s bi sexual and a horny little freak that likes cock as well as pussy. I am having thoughts you have probably already broke her three holes in with your strap-on dildo too. I am sure you have already pick your favorite collar and given her a name too. This is all too much to take for a sub to take in. I haven’t even explored all the fantasy possibilities with my Queen and a new twist is added. We are lucky indeed and I hope you are just visiting Montreal. I am very surprised you haven’t left for the bigger international cities like New York, LA, San Fran, London, Paris, Rome, Berlin, Madrid or Dubai. I guess your staying now that region has hit the one million mark. lol  I think not.

So, I will get on my knees tonight by my bed and say a little pray to Sister Cathie for all the subs that you don’t ever leave…. hmmm, better thought, to visit your prayer bench in person!  ; )

Moi: Dear sub, yes she is a hottie! I will never move to Montreal, but Westmount could be nice, that is where I was this time. Here’s my thought about traveling: You must love to travel to go all through the troubles that come with. That will shock you: I don’t like traveling! I do travel once in a while, (to change scenery and to be more appreciative of what I have) and I only travel when everything is being taking care by subs, and I always think those who travel, it’s because they aren’t doing well in their own town.

It looks like I am going to Singapore, Tunisia, and expo 2020 in Dubai…but that is only next year according to a sub 😆

When Blues Fest is on

so is Fuck Fest ! (July 4-14) You are complaining it’s too hot outside? Who’s on my slapping list? 😈 At my new play space, it has central A/C not like most of my previous play places which it was a window shaker. All rooms are very cool but with my new femsub, you still will need a cold shower (femsub is only available on weekends and on Mondays)

2nd chastiversary

Once you’re locked your real life will begin. 2 years of being on a journey unlike anything I ever could have imagined, even once I began my journey on my sissy life.