Super moon

Dear Maitresse,
Super Moon tonight. The brightest, largest full moon of the year makes its first of three appearances.
Too bad it’s cloudy and we can’t see it…. kind of a good like cause it would make me horny as hell.
Great outfit last night, what got my attention were those short black shorts, shorts…… just the perfect amount of your ass cheeks busting out, damn hot!
Distance of moon from earth. 384,400 km (238,900 mi). Distance of Maitresse from slave……..Priceless.
Definitely, looking your Super Moon is much better and closer too!
Moi: Definitely the hottest moon of the Summer and I can see it in subs behavior this last few days and we will have another heat weave this week. Looking forward for Super Hot and exciting teasing and torturing moments, especially doing my outdoors activities!   How hot this can be? For last Summer days!
I did not know you paid that much attention on my new pvc panties! Could you be a potential Victoria Secret thief? I would think your attention will be on more important thang! 😆

Victoria Secret wild chase




Magic Wand

What’s so magic about it? Ask this guy! He ejaculated so fast, a bit more I wouldn’t be on time to take this picture.




Another gift

Just got this new toy. It seems to be a must! I have over 50 vibrators, dildos, butt plugs and among all the choices, a sub had to ask for this! NOW I have it. I have toys much better than this Magic Wand to achieve orgasm.


Basic instinct 3

Very up to date!

Just got this

Sexy cat suit! It fits me like a glove!


Everything wrong with