Great day

Dear Mistress

October is definitely the Kinkiest Month of the year and Halloween the last day of the month to celebrate it all.
Halloween, for adults, is an occasion for playing with sexy costumes, assumed identities, and the enjoyment or humor in the darker side of life…… with leather hoods, masquerade masks, whips, cbt, subs, slaves, chains fetish etc…… it’s really the Kinky holiday’s spirit of sexual exploration and expression that make it the right season for fetish play, BDSM and a visit to a Dominatrix’s dungeon.
Yes, a lot of wives and girlfriends…. mysteriously lost their sexy under garments back in 1975…..
Happy Hornyeen!


Moi: On the schedule today : deadlifts, hang cleans and chins. What a great way to start this day ! Sure is a happy day for the transvestites from Transylvanian convention 😉 and for Moi every day is Halloween and Christmas!

How many brown nosers?

To be promoted, you know what you have to do! “Kissing ass” is not actually in the job description but  your brown nosing skills are better than your job skills.


Don’t we like our Justin!


French nun to become

Dear Maitresse,
OMG…… I can believe in all these years you never dressed up as a nun….. you’ve done the Catholic School girl in the plad mini skirt.
The French Catholic Church was all powerful in Quebec at one time… and of course all Europe….
Many forget that the Catholic Church involvement in BDSM…which include bondage..torture… during the Spanish Inquisition 1478 – 1834, and who can forget Brigitte Bardot’s film roles a nun…….it’s extra special when it’s a French nun…… the only thing better is a Latex Nun.
I guess my nun fetish comes from being put in a Catholic orphanage run by nuns.
I hope the out fits fit you… you’ll have to use one of your tops or corsets to complete the look….. a nice cross between your breast would be hot too. I think when you put this outfit on you will feel Super sexy….. but also feel super wicked….. which will be great on Halloween!
Ok, I am off to bed with a hard cock but can you blame me? … can’t wait to see you in this outfit with the strap-on….. OMG!…. I guess your pray kneeler will cum in handy after all.
Moi: WOW what a day of big surprises! The French Catholic nun to become says: A BIG thank you for your gifts! Just got them (special delivery too 😉 and I opened the boxes but I did not have time to try the ensemble on. It looks certainly good on picture! I already have the cross, the exact same strap-on as on this pic, but I don’t have the torpedoes tits…yet! 😉  You better know your prayers by heart and recite them, any mistakes…you will not get the strap-on but the strap! Punishment and penitence, pain and sacrifice, to gain My forgiveness. Looking forward for tricks and treats! You have to go to central America, Catholic church is still very strong in those poor countries, but I don’t think they still using the strap, but certainly wash your brain in their belief.
P.S. Also, a very thankful note to My special slave F for his super gift directly to my bank account, for no reason, just like that, thanks for your big heart slave F !  😎 I feel it’s like Christmas, almost every day!  But sadly you are so far away! C’est ça la vie! 🙁

Gift #2

Another body stocking with open crotch but not lacy this time, it’s nylon.  My subs with a fetish for nylon will be delighted!



# 1 gift

Lace body stocking with open crotch just arrived!  Nice isn’t it!



At the office

Now you know why construction sites never end!