Hot! Hot! Hot!

Hot week’s coming and also at What do you think the ououou was for? This song has been playing in my play space for quite a while ! Do you Like it? It will certainly bring back memories to manies! What I am saying it’s the song’s lyrics, except for “he had a lot in his pipe” is not in the song. And why this position? I have been questioned.

I’m back!

A BIG thank you to the sub who sent me this warm welcome back pic! That is very thoughtful! At least there is one happy fellow! 😉 Also a BIG thank you to my Toronto sub for the gift of the 2 nights at hotel, flight, and a day at the spa. Now you know how I travel, when you want me in your town…business & pleasures!

Toronto here I am

May 22-23-24, Hotel near Queens Quay at Bay St.


Cinco de Mayo

and also full moon

Womanian Empire Name Day!

Devina Cox: A most happy Birthday to someone who is so special to me. The word love just isn’t enough. oxox

Moi: Thank you very much Bella Devina for reminding me it is a special day today “Womanian Empire Name Day” ! It’s been almost a good 10 years!!! oxox