Why men do this?

Reason # 1: They believe they’re going to turn someone on! The only ones who you will attract are gay guys! The only pictures I want to see are pictures that you torture your dick with needles, nails, burdizzo.

Are they desperate? Do they do it for validation? Shock? Thrills? Comic relief? Or is there something darker at play? Beyond a painful inability to read the room; what is their deal? Here are the reasons why straight men send unsolicited pictures of their dicks. Nearly half (48%) of those surveyed admitted to having sent an unsolicited dick pic in the past. The majority of the dick pic-senders were white, married or in a serious relationship, had some college/university education, and the average age of the sender was 31 (The average age of the non-sender was 33, however, so it doesn’t appear as if age is a factor).