Leap Year

Année Bissextile in French, it sounds dirtier in French

Leave Your Hat On

I have received very nice gifts : a hat and 2 body suits, someone doesn’t want me to leave

The Dancing & Singing Bitch

At the beginning of this video, I say “you have to be rich to be a bitch”. Not many people can afford or knows the cost & expenses of all equipment, rent, etc. My play space is not where I live. Yep! I don’t have the singing but I got the groove. 😉

Proud Mary


I slap for real not in my head

and in my head I slapped so manies

Be my Valentine

Ready for Valentine’s Day?

Thanks to sub c for that beautiful gift with my little friends! 😆 Just a reminder that it’s tomorrow, you can thank me later for not sleeping in the dog house.